Vision of Group Chairman

The passion and vision of our Group Chairman, Mr. S. K. Poddar, is to operationalise the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and his Clarion call of “Make-in-India” to step-up indigenous defence production by making India a ‘Defence Manufacturing Hub’ not only for National but also for International market and thus become part of Government’s effort towards making India an ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’.



Texmaco Defence Systems Pvt Ltd (TDSPL) aims to augment
India's Defence Production capabilities,
under the “Make-in-India” Programme, leveraging upon
TEXMACO RAIL's manufacturing excellence,
Heavy Engineering capabilities and Technology tie-ups
with globally renowned OEM’s in the Defence Industry.


Texmaco Rail's excellence in manufacturing in areas like Machining, Shaping, Forming, Casting, Fabrication, Surface treatment etc. shall be optimally leveraged by Texmaco Defence Systems Pvt. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Texmaco and has indeed taken up the challenge to augment the indigenous production of equipments required by the Armed & Paramilitary Forces along with state-of-the-art technology partnerships in diverse areas of operations.

TEXMACO RAIL, A Make in India Company Since 1939


Technology Tie-ups TDSPL has Forged with the Globally Renowned OEMs, since its Inception in 2018

Texmaco Defence Systems Pvt Ltd (TDSPL) has rich legacy and deep commitment to serve the nation running through the vision of the founding father’s of the Birla Empire – Late “Padma Vibhushan” Shri Ghanshyam Das Birla and Late Dr. K K Birla who was also past president of FICCI.
TDSPL has not only forged the Technology tie-ups with the globally Renowned OEM’s and Indian PSUs since it’s inception in 2018 but also obtained Licenses for:-
i) Design, Development, Manufacture, Assembly and Upgrade of Armoured Vehicles, Main Battle Tanks and Other All-Wheel Drive Armour Protected Wheeled Vehicles Manufacturing of Guns.
ii) Design, Development, Manufacture, Assembly and Upgrade of Artillery and Air Offence Guns, Howitzers, Trailers for Towed and Static Weapon Systems and their Spares and Accessories.
iii) Manufacture of Empty Shells, Cartridge Cases, All Metallic and Non-Metallic Components and Body Parts of Ammunition, Rockets, Missiles, Projectiles, Bombs, Torpedoes, Mortars, Grenades, Fuzes of All Types of 20 MM and above Caliber without Explosive Charge Filling.

Group Chairman

S.K. Poddar




Mr. Ravindra Chamaria



Prof. Dharam Vir




Tribhuvan Darbari



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