Aims to augment India's Defence Production capabilities, under the “Make-in-India” Programme, leveraging upon TEXMACO Rail's manufacturing excellence & Heavy Engineering capabilities.

Texmaco’s excellence in manufacturing since 1939, specifically in areas like Machining, Shaping, Forming, Casting, Fabrication, Surface treatment etc. shall be optimally leveraged by Texmaco Defence Systems Pvt. Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Texmaco and has indeed taken up the challenge to augment the indigenous production of equipments required by the Armed & Paramilitary Forces along with state-of-the-art technology partnerships in diverse areas of operations. Texmaco Defence Systems was incorporated on 10th January, 2018, and by March 2018, Defence Production Licences were secured for the following: (i) Design, Development, Manufacture, Assembly and Upgrade of Armoured Vehicles, Main Battle Tanks and Other All-Wheel Drive Armour Protected Wheeled Vehicles with Mountings for Arms and Configured for Military Use with Ballistic Protection to Level III (NIJ 108, 01 September, 1985 or Comparable National Standard or above). (ii) Design, Development, Manufacture, Assembly and Upgrade of Artillery and Air Offence Guns, Howitzers, Trailers for Towed and Static Weapon Systems and their Spares and Accessories. (iii) Manufacture of Empty Shells, Cartridge Cases, All Metallic and Non-Metallic Components and Body Parts of Ammunition, Rockets, Missiles, Projectiles, Bombs, Torpedoes, Mortars, Grenades, Fuzes of All Types of 20 MM and above Caliber without Explosive Charge Filling. Since its recent incorporation, the TDSPL is exploring opportunities to contribute and enhance stepping up indigenous Defence Production by entering into strategic technology partnerships with globally renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) under the ‘Make-in-India’ programme for the following emerging business opportunities provided by the Armed & Para-military Forces:

  • Preparing to bid for Lease of Army Base Workshops under GOCO Model.
  • Future opportunities for manufacture of Empty Shells of Ammunitions.
  • Manufacture of Small Arms & Assault Rifles.
  • Manufacture & Supply of spare parts and joint product support to all Army Base Workshops (ABWs) for the equipment being overhauled by them as well as for Helicopters & MRO facilities.
  • Jointly explore all areas of probable cooperation with globally renowned OEMs for Industrial and R&D Synergies
  • Manufacture Multi-spectral Camouflage Equipments.
  • Manufacture of Drones & Anti Drones.
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INCORPORATION OF - Texmaco Defence Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • Incorporated 'Texmaco Defence Systems Pvt. Ltd.' as a subsidiary of 'Texmaco Rail Engineering Ltd' for appropriate focus on Indigenisation of Defence Production under ‘Make-in-India’.
  • Creation of Defence Manufacturing Hub for National and International requirements – Exports apropos DPP Guidelines.
  • Licenses obtained for :- Manufacturing of Empty Shells of Ammunition Manufacturing of Guns Manufacturing of Armored Vehicles
  • Based on the specific requirements of our cooperation, necessary licenses for the additional products shall be obtained from the Govt. of India.

projects ENVISAGED under 'Make in india' for Texmaco defence

  • Manufacture of Light & Medium Armoured Vehicles and next Generation ballistic protected vehicles.
  • 9 X 19 mm Pistol, 5.56 X 45 mm Carbines and Assault Rifles, 7.62 X 39 mm Carbines and Assault Rifles and 7.62 X 51 Assault Rifles and LMG.
  • Providing joint product support (repair and production of components) of Civil Aircrafts and Helicopters.
  • Proving technical and logistical support for the existing and future projects of our Overseas Defence Industry partners.
  • Creating a JV for accomplishing integrated MRO facilities, for our Overseas Defence Industry Partners.
  • Manufacture of Empty Shells of Ammunitions.
  • Manufacture of small arms & assault rifles.
  • Manufacture Drones & Anti Drones.
  • Manufacture Multi-spectral Camouflage Equipments.


At Texmaco Defence Systems, we are in the pursuit of Excellence. We have built our strengths to face intense competition, both globally & domestically. Texmaco Defence Systems is committed to create new business models through forming strategic alliances and partnerships for global collaborations for the state-of-the-art Defence technologies, focused on “Make-in-India Projects” in the Defence & Homeland Security segments and in augmenting the indigenous Defence capabilities. We are seized of the opportunities and threats and preparing ourselves to steer our way forward through a challenging environment. We aspire to align with the global leaders and boost growth across the markets. Our commitment goes beyond businesses to ensure safety and security of our employees, serve the communities and maintain ecological balance as a responsible corporate citizen